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Our Approach

We lower out of pocket healthcare expenditure for patients & care seekers.
We compensate & incentivise providers for delivering quality care at subsidised rates

add your practice to the Brijdd Partner Network

Brijdd's unique healthcare affordability solutions have already helped thousands of people access care for maternal and child health, family planning, and other medical conditions.

expand your coverage 

we are making care affordable for many. join the network to deliver your services to this growing network. in partnership with health funds and through a range of affordability solutions we compensate you for the care you deliver at subsidised costs

free software & digital tools

world is digitising at a very high speed. Brijdd makes it easy for you to cope with it while you grow your business. Use Brijdd to make sales, manage patients or clients, track expiry dates, payments and get alerts when products are going out of stock.

cross channel referrals

we aggregate demand for care from seekers through our direct ordering channels, special initiatives, reimbursement programmes & social care partners. Referrals emerging from these channels are securely shared with providers participating in these initiatives to deliver appropriate care.

streamline operations

we are helping providers manage their operations, log all patient interactions, procure high quality products at discounted prices while participating seamlessly with funds and schemes.


We combine technology, shared registries & digital tools with a curated network of healthcare & social care providers supported by a cadre of last mile care partners, to make quality care affordable, even for underserved low income & uninsured households & transform how healthcare is designed, accessed & delivered in LMICs like India

solutions for healthcare providers

we are building the digital and delivery infrastructure to help you improve access to high-quality, affordable health care for millions of people across low and middle income countries (LMICs) like India


we are building the all in one solution and toolkits to help you expand your coverage, improve care seeker engagement & offer quality care to  seekers near and far away from you

Last Mile Support

from aggregating orders to helping you respond faster to care needs of seekers,  from supporting you deliver care to improving brand recall, our last mile support helps you improve quality of service and deliver better care

Serve More People

Care seekers join Brijdd through multiple channels & for divergent care needs. We not only help you reach and serve them but also compensate you for high quality care delivered to them at an affordable price

an all in one solution for your business

Brijdd is more than a point of care solution that not only helps you deliver care to your regular clientele but also families that you have not been able to serve yet

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