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helping you help your patients

We understand the challenges you face as a healthcare professional. We are building tools to work together with you to make it easier for patients to discover & avail services from you at a cost they can afford & adhere to treatment that you propose.

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better health outcomes 

for your patients and care seekers you have not been able to serve yet

each patient of yours receives a Brijdd Access Pass, a tool that enables your patient to save substantially on the medication, tests and food/nutrition they need helping them adhere to your proposed treatment

more savings that drive better adherence

with our care-seeking improvement solution, assisted tele-health facilities, campaign driven screenings & referrals we are making it possible for you to treat more patients

serve patients currently unable to reach you

we bring a wide range of care affordability solutions for patients and care seekers making it possible for a large share of India's population to afford the care they need. we lower costs for patients so they can afford the high quality care you provide.

we lower costs for patients to make care affordable

more than 400 million people in India have no support for healthcare expenditure while more than 90 million people bear catastrophic levels of out of pocket expenditure on healthcare. we reward and/or reimburse you when you provide superior care at prices that patients can afford.

reimbursement & rewards programmes

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